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NES Drinking Games

Tecmo Super Bowl


Drinking Castlevania for Masters

The Petrik 105 beer of choice: Hudy Delight!!!

Drinking RBI Baseball:
As Pitcher -
Drink 1 for:
- Single
- stolen base
Drink 2 for:
- double
- error
Drink 3 for:
- triple
Drink 4 for:
- Homerun (out of the park)
Drink 5 for:
- inside the park Homerun
As Batter:
Drink 1 for:
- groundout
- flyout
Drink 2 for:
- strikeout
- pop out in foul territory
Drink 3 for:
- double play
Each player drinks at the end of each inning for every run let up that inning.
In addition, person losing at the end of each full inning drinks for every run he is down.

Drinking Super Mario Brothers:
1-Player Mode
Alternate every level or life (whatever comes first)
If playing:
Drink 1 for losing mushroom, fireballs.
Drink 2 for falling down a pit.
Drink 3 for dying by being hit.
Drink 5 for running out of time.
If watching:
Drink 1 if player gets mushroom.
Drink 2 if player gets flower or star.
Drink 3 gets 1 UP.
Drink 4 if player beats the level.
If playing 2-Player mode, do teams, one team is Mario (Player 1), the other is Luigi (Player 2).
Alternate just like in 1-Player mode, by life or beating level.
If on the same team as person playing, drink for same rules as person playing.  If on team that is not playing, drink for players watching.  When one team beats the game, the other team has one more chance to beat the game on the next life.  If they don't the entire team chugs a beer.
Decide before playing if warps are allowed.

Drinking Tecmo Super Bowl

Drink one: Letting up a complete pass or a first down
Drink two: Being sacked, having a pass blocked, or letting up a field goal
Drink Three: Being intercepted, missing a kick or having a kick blocked
Drink Five: Letting up a touchdown, an onsides kick recovery, or fumbling for a turnover.
Drink Seven: Having anything returned on you for a touchdown
Finish your drink: Letting up a Safety
Loser drinks for every point he loses by

Contra (Again two players):
One Drink for every time you die with the first gun.
Drink Two if you die and lose: fire, machine gun, or rapid.
Drink Three if you die and lose Spread.
Drink Five if you die and lose Rapid Spread (Get Spread and then Rapid)
Drink Five if you ever get the Laser (we in Petrik 105 think it is useless)
The person with the least amount of lives at the end of the level drinks for every life he has less than the other player (Note, this rule is much more effective if you use the 30-lives code)
You both finish your drink when and if you continue.

Drinking Castlevania (warning: This game was invented by me and for me. It should only be played by anyone who either considers himself a master of Castlevania, or else wants to pass out. I take no responsibility for any alcohol-related sickness resulting from this game.)

1) 1 drink for every bar of health I lose
2) 1 drink for every bar of health missing after I get meat
3) 1 drink every time I change weapons (this is because I usually only change weapons on the first and second levels, thus any time after this I change weapons is a mistake, thus should be punished.)
4) 2 drinks for losing double weapons (this includes changing from doubles to a different weapon)
5) 3 drinks for losing triples (same rules apply)
6) 5 drinks for every time I die by falling off a cliff
7) 7 drinks for dying on a boss
8) 10 drinks for dying anytime in the level by losing all energy
9) Finally, the dreaded continue. If I ever have to continue, I must finish my drink and another drink.

Drinking R.C. Pro-AM:

This game is meant for more than one person, but any number of people can play.  

1)    Rotate playing each race. 

2)      If you are the one playing, drink:

a.       Once every time your car crashes

b.      Once for every place out of first you finish (2nd place=1 drink, 3rd place=2 drinks, 4th place=3 drinks).

c.       Once if you miss getting the letter in your race.

3)      If you are watching, drink:

a.       3 times if the person playing wins the race

Once if the person playing gets the letter in his/her race.