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Top 20 Games to Stay Away From
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Everyone Makes Mistakes
Though few, Nintendo did make some mistakes. Here are some of them.

#1 The Battle of Olympus

All I need to say is that it is a shameless rip-off of The Adventure of Link, from the gameplay right down to the shadow that is that final boss. Even the title screens are similar!!! The last level screws you over countless times, and I have decided that it is not worth playing anymore. I refuse to try the boss again.


3)Mission: Impossible
I can't believe I bothered stealing this game from my roommate.


5) Wayne Gretzky Hockey
Yes, this is NES, not Atari.


7) Spy vs. Spy
Horribly repetitive and dull. Most people don't finish the first level because they get tired of playing it.


9) Ikari Warriors II
A horrible attempt to follow up a classic. It does not deserve the name Ikari Warriors.


11) Captain Skyhawk
This game is about as enjoyable as a urinary tract infection.


 13) Friday the 13th
With seemingly no point, this game is utterly useless. If you want Jason Voorhees action, rent Friday the 13th Part 4 and watch Crispin Glover perform his memorable dance.


 15) Metal Gear
Simply put, this game cannot be beaten and you're a liar if you tell me otherwise.


17) Top Gun: The Second Mission
This game has promise until you start the first mission.


 19) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Somehow the most respectable game on the list, yet still utterly horrible. Good luck beating this without cheating.


2) Bubble Bobble

This game would keep you coming back for 99 levels, to finally disappoint you with one of the hardest bosses I've ever seen. Once you've beaten him, you are rewarded with another, similar boss, and finally a third. I almost went nuts listening to that music for hours on end!!!


4) WWF Wrestlemania Challenge
I almost went out and bought a Sega Genesis after playing this game.


6)John Elway's Quarterback
I don't know what to say about it except it's a damn shitty game.


8) Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
No worst games list would be complete without this embarassment to NES gaming.


10)Karate Champ
Don't pay the 50 cents it would cost to buy this game. Buy a soda instead and feel better about yourself.


12) Fester's Quest
My roommate likes this game and he fell out of the top bunk in a drunken haze. Now how do you feel about it??

14) Magic Johnson's Fast Break
I'd rather have AIDS than see a screen shot from this game.


 16) Bases Loaded
Classic my ass. This is an inferior baseball game to say the least. I mean look at the ass-clown on the title screen.


 18) Top Gun
The beginning of a duology of bad games. Who titles the first mission, "Training for the next mission."


20) The Power Glove
Number 20 does not go to a game. The Power Glove is the worst NES accessory ever created. Even worse than R.O.B. the Robot, the Power Glove was a horrible waste of money for anyone who was suckered into buying this piece of shit.