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Petrik 105
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This page is dedicated to myself and my suite-mates in Petrik 105. There are six of us in the suite who have the deepest respect for Nintendo. Though one or two of us are not as dedicated, the rest of us make up for those non-believers. The suite is made up of myself (Andrew), Doug, Nick, Fraz, Stu, and Matt. Together we have some tales to tell!!!

3-13-08: I can't believe it's been almost 6 years since moving out of Petrik. So I guess it's time for a quick update. We have all gone our separate ways, only half of us are still in town. Nick and Doug are both married and expecting children, and both have moved away. Matt is engaged, and also moved out of town. So the lone 3 of us in town are all living within a couple of miles of each other, but we don't often see each other (but that has changed in the last 6 months). Stu is also preparing to leave town so that will leave Fraz and I. However, we do stay in contact and talk classic NES whenever we see each other. Hopefully a reunion will come in the near future but you never know. I still wish all my former suite-mates the best and hope they keep the spirit of the NES alive and well in their lives.

5-10-02: Two recent purchases by myself: Ninja Gaiden and Ninja Gaiden 2.  I've come to master NG2, but am having quite a bit of trouble with NG1.  Can get to Jaquio but that's about it.  Finally, some bad news about Petrik 105: it is no more.  Tomorrow morning we move out and the wuite is disbanded.  Doug and Nick got a house and I will spend much of my time there, but nothing will live up to the memories we have in this suite.  I may have to change this page to House 1956, but we'll see.  I'm rooming with Fraz next year and we will keep the NES alive in Anniversary Hall Room 237.
2-8-02: Two huge accomplishments. First off, I have finally beaten Double Dragon. This was very hard for me and it took me late into the night many evenings. Also, Doug has finally gotten perfect Contra!! I woke up one afternoon and saw a note on the TV announcing this feat. He would like to dedicate his feat to Timberwolf Smokeless Tobacco. Though not his dip of choice, it proved instrumental in his accomplishment. Congratulations Doug!! One more note, our friend Jerry Silvers has done something that I know is possible but I had never seen before. In Tecmo Super Bowl, he returned a punt for a touchdown. He also got a safety on the other team on a kickoff.

2-2-02: Two quick updates. First, I have gotten to the maching gun guy in Double Dragon. Having trouble, but I hope to have the game beaten by the end of the weekend. Second and most important, Doug beat the Pro Bowl with both the AFC and NFC, officially ending our Tecmo Super Bowl Saga!!! Congrats to us!!!

2-1-02: Well, two major things happened. Since me, Nick, and Doug are all new to both Contra and Double Dragon (meaning this is the first time in our lives we have ever been able to play them with any regularity), we are trying to get them down. I got about midway through Level 4 of Double Dragon. More importantly, Doug got to the last stage of Contra without dying. He may soon be able to put his name on "The Masters."

Andrew's current game of choice: Zelda

Nick and Doug's game of choice: Contra

Matt's game of choice (likely the only NES game he will ever play)- Megaman 2