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This page is for anyone who has a crazy NES moment they wish to display.  These are just pointless things you have done that include the NES.  I'm including my own, but I hope that all of you send in moments also.  Enjoy!!!


Name: Steve
                                    Date: 03/2006
                                    Moment: NES is brought back the forefront of our lives, starting with 
                                    Andrew's appearance back into town, then the first Nintendo Night in 
                                    almost 2 years brings the NES gleaming back with the same promise of joy 
                                    it's given us for 20+ years now.
4-15-02: This page was inspired by this NES moment which myself and Doug experienced.  While procrastinating doing our papers, we decided to get some food.  We ended up grilling hamburgers on a George Foreman Grill in the study room or our suite.  We we then decided we wanted to have a summer-like cookout.  We ate our hamburgers in front of the TV drinking beer, while watching a game of RBI baseball which we had the computer simulate.  It felt just like a summer BBQ.
Name: the dylman
Date: 4-28-02
Classic NES Moment: Almost eleven years after my first Nintendo died, I finally purchased another on ebay and played Contra so much that I broke it and had to buy another.
Name: drK_avNgr
Date: 5\24\02
Classic NES Moment: This happened in 1997 I belive. I played Kirby's Adventure
so much that my Nintendo over-heated.
Name: The Mightyone
Date: 8/01 (date of NES moment)
Classic NES Moment: Myself, a man they call "Brother Joey" and the owner of this
site successfully play the NES for 22 hours straight, taking approximately 3 15
minute breaks for food.  Bathroom breaks were restricted to 60 seconds and were
not encouraged.  There is a list of the games that were beaten that day, and I
know the number is insane!!!  What a great time!!
Name: The Mightyone's Apprentice Brother Joey
Date: 7/00
Classic NES Moment: While on the drive to the Lake of the Ozarks, Me, Little Eds and "The MightyOne" got started somehow talking about the greatness of the NES. We talked about all the old classic games and how much joy they brought to us back in the day.  All the way to the lake the talk was only of Old School
Nintendo. We revived the memories of the greatest heroes and villains ever
created. That was one the best times in my life. As soon as we came back from
the lake my NES was bought. Now I can relive all which I had forgotten was so
Name: alex
Date: 6/23/01
Classic NES Moment: when I got my NES to work. I was so happy!


Tell me about your Classic NES Moments!!!

Classic NES Moment