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No, we're not a religion, though we should be. We're just the proud supporters of the best system ever created. We stand strong in our beliefs, and we will do whatever it takes to ensure the survival of this system forever. For this is not just a game system, but a life-altering experience. Many have come to challenge: Genesis, Playstation, Dreamcast, etc..., but all in vain, for they remain inferior systems. They do not provide the comforting glow given by the NES. No matter how bad things get, we can always come home to welcoming faces of Mario, Link, Little Mac, Simon Belmont and the countless others who have been instrumental in our lives. They have lived our trials as we have lived theirs. They provide memories that can never be taken from us. Who will ever forget the first time we stood victorious over a fallen Mike Tyson, the first time Gannon or Dracula fell before our might. The countless hours spent leveling up and searching endless mazes in such classics as Dragon Warrior, Final Fantasy, and Crystalis, among others. These memories will live with us forever, and it is these that keep us coming back. They are not just accomplishments, they are turning points in our gaming careers...even our lives. I am proud to be a NES gamer. It is because of this that I call all of my fellow NES supporters to come together to show your love and give back to this system that has given so much to us. Convert your friends and relatives. Show your younger siblings the superiority of NES over their Playstations and N64's. Make sure the next generation and every generation after will have this gift to share with their friends and family. NES supporters everywhere, do all it takes to ensure that our greatest system lives on!!!