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This page a collection of the best NES players around.  Anyone who feels they are Nintendo Masters should submit themselves to this page.  This is for people who feel that they are not only the best at a game, but at most games.  Submit your name and a list of accomplishments and we will make our All-Star team.  Submit pictures or anything else you feel I should put on the site. 
First Team All NES:
Andrew Danner:
- -20 UK Course in NES Open (twice in one day)
- Defeated Castlevania using only the whip
- Defeated Double Dragon without dying
- Defeated Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! without getting hit
- Defeated Legendary Wings without dying
- Defeated Castlevania in 15:55 and also can defeat it without dying.
- Defeated Ninja Gaiden 2 dying only 3 times.
- Defeated Castlevania 3 (an accomplishment in itself)
- Has held teams to 0 yards in Tecmo Super Bowl
- Defeated Star Wars dying only 3 times and without getting any supporting characters.
- Has defeated a number of other games (to be listed later)
- Owns over 50 NES games (number ever-increasing)
Steve Danner:
- -21 on UK Course in NES Open
- -20 US Course in NES Open
- Defeated Contra without being hit.
- Can defeat Zelda without dying.
- Can defeat Mike Tyson's Punch-Out without being knocked down.
- Can defeat Double Dragon without dying.
- Can defeat Castlevania under 18 minutes.
- Can get 230,000 at Galaga.
- Has defeated a slew of other games (to be listed later)
- Owns over 70 NES games (number still growing)
Mark Eric Camp:
1. Beat Contra without dying once
2. Beat Super Contra without dying once
3. Beat Wizards and Warriors with 999,999 points without continuing
4. Beat Metroid without dying once
5. Beat Friday the 13th losing only one character
6. Beat Mega Man 1 without dying once
7. Beat Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest without dying once
I beat many other games but did not do as well as these games (hopefully to be listed later)
I have about 45 games in my collection
Jedi QuestMaster (Submitted via message board, name unknown)
Beat Battletoads twice
-Beat Batman Returns without continuing
-Beat Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde with both endings
-Beat Jackal only dying once on the final boss
-Beat Karate Kid on first try
-Beat Ninja Gaiden 3 with an extra continue left over
-Beat TMNT without continuing
-Beat X-Men on 1 player