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The Great Tecmo Super Bowl Quest

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Andrew, Nick and Doug and an impossible mission

The first tale is that of an insane goal myself, Nick, and Doug set out to accomplish. Late in the Fall semester of 2001 we got on a big Tecmo Super Bowl kick. After a couple days of almost non-stop play we somehow came up with the idea of trying to beat the game with every team. This would include full seasons with each team, along with playoffs and the Super Bowl. It was a crazy goal, but one we were sure we could accomplish. We started out with the Cincinatti Bengals, Doug's team, and it began. Seasons came and went. We had little trouble early on. The first major snag came in about our third season, the New England Patriots. A couple mistakes in close games, highlighted by my accidental punt on first down in field goal range when a field goal would win the game. That season we had our worst record (9-7) but were lucky enough to make the playoffs. We somehow breezed through the playoffs once we discovered our QB could run quite well. After this there were few problems for awhile. The semester neared an end, and finals week was upon us. I only had one final, and Doug and Nick had few between them. We stayed up through the night most of the week. The only thing that kept us going was plenty of beer and a heavy load of dip. I recall only going to bed while it was dark out maybe once the entire week. Finals week ended with us over halfway through our goal, but still about 12 teams from the prize. Three weeks passed at home with no Nintendo for any of us. We had all left our Nintendo gear in the suite to allow ourselves to take a break from Tecmo Super Bowl. The day I moved in to start the second semester I opened the door to see Nick and Doug playing a new season with the Browns. Things hadn't changed a bit over the break. The quest continued. As the semester began to get going, we began to wear down. Our patience for the game shrunk. We got within three teams and the pace slowed horribly. The Vikings started out our final three. The season went slowly but surely, and culminated in yet another Super Bowl ring. Tampa Bay was next, highlighted by Vinny Testaverde's miraculous chase of the rushing title, only for him to fall 6 yards short. We finished the season with a perfect record, however, and won yet another Super Bowl. The final team: The Rams!!! This home stretch and not a day too soon. Contra and Double Dragon had recently come in the mail and we were eager to play. This season began to take off. Finally, the historic date. At about 4 AM the Rams beat the Bills in the Super Bowl to finally finish our quest. Doug and I celebrated in the craziest of fashion: we poured Gatorade over our heads and water on a sleeping Nick. The day was ours. In this quest we came up with some of the craziest ideas and had some horrible discussions, but it was all in good fun. Nicknames were made, highlighted by such greats as: The Duper Mark Duper, Smoke Marion Butts, Brian Hector the EndZone inspector, and Mac Shannon Sharpe (if you can figure out where we came up with this you are worse than us!!!) There were dozens more, but I can't remember them all. Anyway, now we need to beat the Pro Bowls with the AFC and NFC to complete our quest. My Home Page will keep you updated on that. We are the greatest!!!

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