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Andrew's Adventures in Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!

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The First Perfect Punch-Out!!

I begin this page with my tale of what is commonly known today as "Perfect Punch-Out." This is an incredible accomplishment that took place in January of 2000 during my senior year in high school, but was many years in coming. My cousin Steve had for years claimed to be the best at this game, boasting a record of going through the game being hit only 7 times without no knock-downs. In about December of 1999 I decided that I had heard enough of his boasting and swore to break the record. Early on I tied his record, and that sent him on the same mission. The competition was on. Around Christmastime the first major step was taken as I obliterated the record and made it through with only 4 hits. Steve soon challenged the record having been hit only 6 times. Next came a breakthrough when Steve beat Mr. Sandman without getting hit. He had accounted for at least 2 hits every time. I soon matched that. The records stayed like this for quite some time. School started again, but I still played the game about 3 times a day. Then one evening I set a new standard, having only been hit twice. I immediately paged Steve only putting a bunch of 2's on his pager. He immediately knew who it was from and what it was about. After this accomplishment we finally knew the goal was in sight. I hooked my Nintendo up to the VCR and began to record every time I would play. So many times would I get to Mr. Sandman or Super Macho Man only to let my nervousness get in the way. I had to keep rewinding the tape to save room. Finally on a cold afternoon in January the impossible happened. I made it to Tyson in perfect shape. My heart was pounding as I began the fight. The first round came and went as it often had. I had knocked him down once. The second round began. I dodged all ten opening jabs and the the fight really began. My hands were swift and my movements perfect as I slowly wore Tyson down. One knock-down. Then the second. Finally late in the second round came the culmination of hundreds of hours of work. Mike Tyson lay at my feet a broken man, as had the rest of the competition on the road to the top. I had beaten the entire game without getting hit. I was on my feet cheering my accomplishment. I immediately called Steve and he praised my accomplishment. After that the game went away for a bit, but the memories will stay with me forever. I have the video in a place of honor on a shelf in my dorm-room. I will save it forever.

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