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The United States In WWII

Mr. Danner's US History

Enter the shoes of Harry Truman in the year 1945.  The war is nearing an end, but there is still a substantial Japanese threat.  You need to make a decision: full-scale invasion of Japan, or quick victory via the atomic bomb.  It is your goal to make the correct decision.



The first part of your decision is to look back on the war and see the toll it has taken on the country.  This will help you decide whether further death would be a price worth paying.


Look back on the war.

Now it's time to look at the results of the testing of the first atomic bombs.


Next you will look at the ethical dilemma bombing a city presents.  Is it worth it to kill civilians to save American military lives?

The Laws of Bombing

Well, now that you've thought about your decision, it's time to make a decision.  Will you bomb one of the chosen cities, or will you risk a full-scale invasion of Japan.  Good luck, President Truman.

Invasion of Japan


Bomb A City