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This is a site dedicated to the greatest system ever made, the 8-bit Nintendo. It has stayed around for almost 20 years now and is as popular as ever. If you truly appreciate it, please proceed into the Temple of the NES!!!

In this site, I will include anything you could want related to Nintendo. I will try to help solve problems, include polls and high scores, and even update you on the Nintendo playing lives of myself and my friends. I will also try to include stories of anyone who would like to submit them. Enjoy!!!

NES Blog

Recent Updates:

3-25-08: So I've started brainstorming ideas for updates to mess with possibly this summer, and I also may get this site it's own domain name. For now, my biggest news is that my 6-year journey has culminated in me beating Ninja Gaiden. I am now addicted to that game an plan on "Mastering" it.

6-1-07: I've added a couple of drinking games.  And I really do plan to do some more to revamp the site, but who knows.  I am having a NES Night tomorrow so that has gotten me re-motivated.

8-23-06: Updated The Masters and NES All-Star Players (including a new All-Star).  The Blog is still updated regularly so keep checking, and again, let people know about this site so my traffic increases.  Thanks.

6-5-06: A few small updates including a new NES Drinking game and a new link to a still-growing NES high scores site so check it out.  Also, keep checking the NES Blog because Steve and I have made some solid posts.  More to follow.

5-16-06: Content may be added in the near future, and the NES Blog is going well so check it out.  I'm working on advertising the site a bit more so if you know anyone with a current NES site direct them my way.

4-30-06: I'M BACK!!!!  Ok, so I doubt I"ll be updating all that much, but I will at least make it a point to check this thing out every once in a while.  I have added a guest book so go on and sign it...and feel free to use the guestbook for NES hints and questions and I'll do my best to answer or find someone who can answer them...because myself and my friends know all there is to know about NES.  Finally, check out the new NES Blog I've just started up with posts from two NES Masters.  Posts will begin shortly.

5-21-03: Once again, it's been too damn long since an update.  I just re-did some things, and major updates are coming probably within the next week.  I'm back up, at least for the summer, so start sending me ideas, high scores, opinions, etc....  It's good to be back!!!!!

11-21-02: Sorry it's been so long since an update.  This whole college thing is really getting to me.  Not a whole lot of time.  Made a very small update but I plan a bit larger one in the next few days...maybe around Thanksgiving.  Anyway, keep checking up on this and hopefully I'll get some new ideas.

7-27-02: Finally found more time (and patience) to update.  A couple more classic NES moments.  I've also been contacted by a NES All-Star and added him, along with finally adding myself to the list.  New additions to the Masters as well.  Finally, check out the link to the NES Marathon Week.

6-27-02: Updating during the summer has been harder than I thought.  Today I added two new Classic NES moments, a new page which has been on my mind for quite some time.  Hopefully it will grow as I get new inspiration.  Enjoy!!

5-20-02: I hate Ninja Gaiden!!!

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